Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Transplant Cuttings from Last Year

Monday October 20, 2014

Today we took the next step in a multi-year project :)  At the begining of last year GClub took cuttings from a Jade Tree plant (leaves) and placed them in soil.  Over the course of the year we watched and watered them.  Throughout the summer I cared for them at my home.  This year, Monday, we took those cuttings that grew into small plants, and transplanted them into larger clay pots.  Each pair of GClub students took back to their classrooms a Jade Tree plant.  We will watch them grow and compare them to the others throughout the year.

In addition to transplanting the Jade Tree plants we wanted to do something to show our appreciation for the PTA.  It's the PTA that supports the Garden and Garden Club.  We started a bunch of basil seeds and hopefully in a month or so we will have small basil plants to give away at the next PTA meeting.  Everyone loves fresh basil and we're happy to grow them and give them away to our teachers and parents.