Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Planting Day- April 21, 2015

Hubbell Elementary celebrates Earth Day by planting the ENITRE school garden April 21, 2015.  The garden is installed by EVERYONE of the Hubbell students.  This is a huge effort and would not be possible with the help of many parents that spent time with us to make the day go smoothly.  We were joined by Food Corp that ran a seed activity table.  We had two other stations set up, one where students explored compost and the biggie, the actual garden.  Here, the students took a turn planting a seed, bulb, or seedling.  We planted some 24 varieties and over 600 plants, in one day.

We were concerned about the cold, but it was the wind that was brutal.  In preparation of the night and the near freezing temps it would bring I wrapped the beds with plastic.  In a couple days the beds will be unwrapped and I am betting we will see many plants popping.  You'll see it too!

Stay tuned.  With the garden up and running the kids will be working hard to keep it going.