Friday, October 10, 2014

October is Farm to School Month

October 6 GClub kids made apple juice (or cider).  We used a press and also a modern juicer to compare the efficiency of those technologies.  We found that the modern juicer took a little longer to load the fruit, but it pumped out much more juice than the press.  The press was difficult to operate and produced a fraction of the juice that the juicer produced.  We gathered empirical evidence.  Juicing 16 apples in the modern juicer produced 8 cups of apple juice.  The press, using 16 apples, produced 1.75 cups.  Wow, what a difference! After collecting the juice from the press we took the "scraps" from the press and ran them through the juicer. That produced 5.5 cups of apple juice.

October is National Apple Month.  Get outside and to an orchard to get fresh apples.  I always go to the same orchard for apple we use in Garden Club.  We bought our apples from Iowa Orchard.  I have been very pleased with their help every year.  Check them out.

After our meeting I set up again to offer fresh apple juice to all students that wanted to try it.  I had lots of customers and we poured over 8 gallons of juice.  Enjoy this AWESOME FALL weather and eat an apple!

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