Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spinach Harvest and Sampling November 10, 2014

Just before the snow fell on Tuesday we were able to get into the garden and harvest the spinach on Monday.  The younger students harvested the spinach, discussed its nutritional benefits and then helped to make "Zombie Juice" or simply a spinach smoothie.  While there were a few who, after tasting, we not fans, the majority of kids enjoyed the smoothie.  A few even asked for more!
The older students, after harvesting spinach, cleaned out the remaining beds.  We cleaned off the arbor. Everything went into the compost pile so that next year it can go back into the beds as fertilizer!  The "circle of life" of our plants! After working in the garden we went inside, cleaned up and enjoyed the spinach we harvest.  Most of the students enjoyed the spinach smoothie with many asking for more.
The smoothie is simply Orange juice and spinach mixed in a blender.  The color turns bright green, its a bit foamy and the acidic taste of the OJ is cut down by the spinach, but not altered too much.